I am so excited to announce that we are the cleanest fitness studio and gym in Orange County! We all know how much germs and bacteria thrive in gyms and now you can rest assure that when you walk into Full Circle Fitness you are protected and you won’t be picking up anything here.

A few months ago I met Luisa Thiel, owner of Advanced Infection Solutions, and was immediately fascinated with the nano-technology that they are using to protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungus. This innovative system uses microbiology, virology and electromechanical engineering to create a highly effective barrier that kills upon contact. We did a few swabs before and right after she sprayed the studio and have the results posted in the studio. The most amazing part of this is you can’t see or touch it, check out the video below to see Luisa applying the system. The electrostatic application ensures that the product covers every surface in the studio.

So next time you’re wiping off your mat just know that all those germs and bacteria are already dead and gone, you’re just wiping off the dirt to keep us looking pretty!! Check out the video below and if you have more questions let me know and I’ll do my best to explain in more detail.

Click the video link below:

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