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On February 29th Northwood High School held a health and wellness day for it’s students and I received an opportunity to teach a group of the special education students for an hour. I have 2 great clients Elise and Vince who are incredibly talented teachers in the Special Education Department and who had asked me to teach a fitness class to their students. I was honored to have the opportunity and had a great time with the all the kids. The eagerness and energy was great and everyone got to move, act a little silly, and learn a few new exercises. We posed as trees, crawled like bears, acted like seals, did a few cat cows, down dogs, bird dogs, climbed a few mountains, and swam from sharks. Seeing the smiles on faces and watching the kids learn each movement was so much fun and rewarding to say the least. Hopefully we will be back soon to encourage more activity, movement and healthy living!

Northwood High School Fitness Fusion   Studients at Northwood High School Fitness Fusion Getting students at Northwood High School in shape with Full Circle Fitness







If you know of anyone or community events that you would love to see us at, just let me know. It’s great to get out into the community and inspire more people to move and live a healthier life and if we can make an impact on just 1 more person than I’m all for it. Keep moving and we’ll see you in the studio soon!Northwood High School students exercising with Full Circle Fitness

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