If you do this slowly and concentrate you will feel a nice burn in the glutes and hamstrings!

1. Start by placing your feet hip width apart, about 18 inches away from your glutes (your butt)

2. Lift the hips off the floor by pressing through the heels and squeezing the glutes

3. Make sure that the knees and feet stay in line with the hips20150923_141356

4. Come back down slowly


– Use a medium size ball between the knees to help activate the lower abdominals and inner thighs

– Instead of coming down flat, try to draw the abdominals to the spine and articulate the spine all the way down, think about rolling the spine down one vertebrae at a time.

– Do a single leg bridge. One leg is reaching for the ceiling and driving through the foot still on the floor. 


Like in most exercises the details are whats going to get you the results, so don’t rush through these. Focus, be patient and enjoy the burn! If you have questions please shoot me an email or come see us!


Now for your Stretch! 

This glute stretch is great and can be done anywhere, so if you’ve been sitting at your desk too long, take a few minutes and do this throughout your day. Remember to breathe and hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute per side.


Seated glute stretch

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