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Time for that great Hami Stretch!

Let’s be honest, how many of us have worked out over the last 6 weeks and forgot or decided that stretching just wasn’t necessary? I’ve done it a time or two. Take 5 minutes at the end of your workout and stretch! We end with a Hamstring stretch because 99% of us have tight hamstrings from going about our daily lives, so don’t skip it. Most back pain starts with tight hamstrings, so the next time you’re feeling a tight low back, start with a hami stretch!


Here are just 2 options to stretch out the back of those thighs.

Option 1: Put the heal of your foot up on anything, a step, box, chair, or bench. Hold onto something stable if you feel unbalanced and then hinge forward at the waist. Reach and hold onto where ever you can reach, your thigh, shin or even toes.

Option 2: Either cross one leg over the other (as pictured) or just keep both legs straight and reach for the floor. If you can’t reach and it’s uncomfortably tight, stand next to something sturdy that you can brace yourself with, such as a bench or chair. This will allow you to keep the legs straight and get the full benefit of the stretch instead of bending the knees.

The goal of this stretch is to length the muscles on the back of your thigh, those are called your hamstrings or hami’s as I refer to them. As always hold your stretches at least 30 seconds and remember to breathe. Your goal is to create length in these tightened muscles for increased flexibility and range of motion, so you feel better and move better!

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