What does it entail….

I know many friends and clients thought I was crazy but there’s never a good time to start a major dietary change such as this 90 day protocol, but I was tired of waiting so I started on May 1st, 2017. The goal of these 90 days is to alleviate your Hashimoto’s symptoms so that you start feeling better and then have the energy to dig into what your root cause is. This was also the same week as my sisters wedding in Nashville, TN. Thank goodness my parents had rented a house for all of us to stay in so that we could cook our own food and not eat out the entire 4 days we were there! The first 2 weeks of the 90 day protocol is a liver protocol focusing on removing potentially triggering foods, adding in supportive foods, reduce toxic exposure and support your detox pathways.

During these 2 weeks I eliminated gluten, dairy, soy, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. I stopped taking all my other supplements that I had been taking for the last couple of years and started taking the following: Liver Reset Powder, Magnesium citrate, NAC, Methylation support, Amino Acids, Gallbladder support, and curcumin with bioperine. The goal is to help support the liver so that it can properly do it’s job by removing toxins from the body. Before you ask what I could eat, first let me say that I was already following a strict diet of no gluten or dairy. I’m not a big caffeine or alcohol drinker so that wasn’t too much of an issue and I try to stay away from refined sugar (my nemesis) however lately I had started to struggle with this. So needless to say the food part wasn’t too much of a change for me. Not that it was easy….I wanted to have a cocktail at the wedding and had cravings for sweets, but eventually they passed and I survived.

So what did I eat….

Since we were leaving for a red eye flight on Wednesday night I did some food prep for the few days of work and prepped all my supplements for the whole week so I was ready for our trip. Many of you know that I love making my date power balls, so that was my main snack or even dessert that I decided to stick with for now. I grabbed a few Lara Bars that were approved under the diet as backup in case I was somewhere with nothing to eat (airport). For breakfast I kept it easy and made a protein shake, typically: coconut milk, 1 banana, 2 dates, some greens, cocoa powder, protein powder, liver detox powder, and ice. Simple, quick and I got in my detox and protein powder done in one meal.  For lunch I did salads with some type of protein on it and made my own dressing to keep it easy. If I did happen to eat out I ordered a salad (brought my own dressing) or went to Chipotle or the Habit for a burger protein style.

Sundays=Prep Day

I usually try to prep as much food for the week so that I’m successful in eating well and not eating out. So for this first Sunday I made my date power balls, washed and prepped salad and veggies and grilled some chicken, then made a vegetable soup. I made a double batch of power balls so that I had enough for the week and for the next week since I knew the following Sunday we were returning late and I wouldn’t have time to prep for the week. The soup made a whole bunch so I also threw some in the freezer in mason jars for the next week as well. While in Nashville we made breakfast each morning of eggs and some sort of sauteed veggies and bacon. We use Pederson’s bacon since it’s nitrate and sugar free and it’s really good! My mom and sister also prepped veggies and gluten free flat breads for snacks on the day of the wedding. Really it comes down to planning ahead and prepping food (a lot to get used to….absolutely!) but it gets easier the longer you do it.

The next week was a little rough after getting back and not having much time to prep, so I ran to Trader Joe’s and got a few salads and just used my own dressing. I did eat out 3 times this week for meetings and dinner on Friday with my husband, but again I stuck to meat and veggies or a salad. Since I’ve been watching what I eat for the last few years I’ve gotten used to not having a lot of options and I think this made the process easier for me.

Am I feeling better yet?

Well I started the first week feeling as normal as I usually feel, but by the 2nd week I felt tired, bloated, a little irritable and grouchy and my cold intolerance is back. Some days I feel warmer than my usual and others I feel like I need a 3rd layer of clothes, this 2nd week I’m back to wearing a long sleeve shirt on top of my tank and under my jacket. I think some of this is attributed to a red eye flight with very little sleep, the events of the weekend at the wedding and the flight home. Stress and lack of sleep do not help the body at all and I am going to have to work on both to truly develop a long term solution for myself. The good news is I’m not craving any foods, especially sugar, so that’s good.

One of the other aspects of this detoxing is removing as many chemicals from your life and household. I already have cleaned out every toxic and non eco-friendly product from my household and even have switched all my personal hygiene products so again this wasn’t a big project for me. The one big change that I still need to make is to green my water, meaning getting a better water filter that removes chemicals, specifically chlorine, lead and fluoride from our drinking water. I have a few that I’ve done the research on, now it’s just down to putting in the budget and getting it installed! When you really start to look around your house you start to notice just how much toxic exposure we are getting from everyday household cleaners, plastics, pots and pans and personal hygiene products. If you start, I suggest picking one room, your kitchen or bathroom, it takes time and is definitely a process to do, but in the end you have a healthier home and a healthier you!

Weeks 1 and 2 down….now for the next 4 weeks of the Adrenal Protocol!

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