Inspiration of the Month: Nelson Urdaneta

The background:

Nelson started taking small group classes with us in February 2015. When he walked in our doors he had been consistently taking brisk walks on his own, but knew he needed more. He needed to manage his stress levels, but also wanted to gain strong and feel good! Our biggest obstacle….. working around his work travels. Being gone for just over 8 weeks since he started can definitely put a strain on your body, mind, and spirit when it comes to seeing progress and making a change.

Well……none of that has stopped him from jumping right back into his routine when he’s back in town. Sometimes we need to modify and decrease the intensity until he feels 100% again, but his dedication and positive attitude keep him on a consistent path towards change.



Nelson’s story….

Being self-employed creates a great deal of stress in spite of loving almost every aspect of my work. Slowly, the thrill of running my own company was being replaced by a feeling of being rundown and tired from long working hours and business travel, to the point that I decided to look for a structured way of exercising.

Full Circle Fitness was exactly what I was looking for. Rosa runs a fun place with highly individualized, small size classes that addressed exactly what I needed. Her classes are varied and you can choose what you want or need, Pilates, functional fitness, cardio, core strength, or yoga. The instructors are knowledgeable and dedicated and tailor the progression of the class to match your level. The personal attention is awesome, working out with them is fun and you actually look forward to coming to class!

I could immediately feel the benefits of regular exercise. I started sleeping well and was able to overcome the stress generated by my work. In fact, my efficiency at work has improved to the point that even though I am at the busiest time ever of my professional career, I can handle the increased load much better than I ever did before. I look fit and feel physically better than I did in my forties, having recently celebrated my sixty-sixth birthday.


Each month we will spotlight a member to pass along a little inspiration. These stories will hopefully encourage and inspire you to push forward and also remind you of how far you’ve come on your own journey. Success comes in many forms, so celebrate the many small improvements and successes because that’s what will get you to your ultimate goals. Keep up the great work each and every day!

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“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up”  – Dean Karnazes

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