Do you experience some type of chronic pain??

In 2011, the Institute of Medicine reported that 100 million American adults experience chronic pain conditions.

The mind and body work synergistically to connect the various systems of the body. When the body is in pain, the mind becomes negative and focuses on the pain. When the mind is negative, it is common for chronic pain to flare up. Those who experience chronic pain can reduce (and better manage) pain by stimulating the relaxation part of the central nervous system. Read more….

The triggers of this chronic pain are endless. In order to obtain good quality of life we must learn to listen to our body, find the cause, and take steps to alleviate and cure this pain. This is why mind-body exercise is so important. We must learn to slow down, listen to our body, relax, and BREATHE. Try one of our new yoga classes to experience the benefits that come from gentle flows and deep stretches accompanied by breath work. See our group schedule for times.

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