Meet Our Team Of Fitness Professionals

We strive to build a team of expert fitness professionals who are passionate about, not only fitness, but your health and wellness. These talented individuals are all certified and have an extensive background in their respective areas of expertise to provide a safe but challenging fitness experience.


ACE: Certified Personal Trainer
NASM: Corrective Exercise Specialist
FAI: Functional Aging Specialist

Certified Peak Pilates Instructor

In 2008, I was inspired to take the leap from a sedentary job to personal training. Years of playing sports and living an active lifestyle as a child spurred my passion for movement and a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to inspire others toward a healthier lifestyle and assist them in staying strong so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Creating a challenging, yet fun workout that keeps you motivated and provides the support you need to make health and fitness a lifelong priority is key. My background in corrective exercise has given me the knowledge and tools to properly assess and progress someone through an effective workout program. I firmly believe you’re never too old or young to make fitness a part of your life and everyone must start somewhere. Allow me to create your personal workout plan and see where the possibilities take you!

Rosa Coletto - Full Circle Fitness President & Certified Personal Trainer


M.S: Recreation
B.S: Kinesiology & Sports Psychology
FAI: Functional Aging Specialist

Aroma Touch & Massage Therapy

Nutritional Adviser

Reiki Master

Having personally worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years, I understand the pressure and stress this lifestyle can have on your body and mind. I have overcome my body’s imbalances such as auto immune deficiencies, allergies, and common colds to name a few, but I have reversed these symptoms through self-healing.  As a believer in Mind, Body, Spirit, I apply all of these to live the most productive, happy, and well-balanced life I can.

My educational background includes a Masters in Recreation Administration and a B.S. in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology from Long Beach State, California. I am certified as a Professional Meeting and Event Planner, Reiki Master, Aroma Touch Massage Therapist and Spiritual Intuitive and Advisor.

I have been a doTERRA Oil Advocate for 3 years. Using essential oils in my daily life, for massage therapy, allergies, inflammation, fatigue and overall quality of health. I practice holistic health and self-healing properties and assist others to discover balance and connect to a life full of vitality, purpose and happiness.



Certified Yoga Instructor

At age 12, Corey procured his first computer. A sedentary lifestyle ensued for nearly 2 decades. It wasn’t until his mid-twenties he vanquished video games from his life and began his physical journey. He discovered sports for the first time, Indoor Rock Climbing and Racquetball. Meditational and calming effects came from these discoveries, but not without a reality check that he has the flexibility of a steel bar. This led him to yoga.

For many sun orbits he was shy and inflexible hiding in the back corner of the studio. Yoga almost veered from his path when a teacher ridiculed his inflexibility over the microphone. All fear and judgment has since been expelled from his being. He has learned to laugh at and love his body as is. Corey is absolutely infatuated with the breath and what it can do for the mind, body and soul. The dance we call yoga is part of his daily practice for the rest of his life. This makes future Corey beyond delighted.

True power resides within. Harness this and become infinite.