Joann joined our studio on November 23, 2015 and had 2 main goals in mind: weight loss and to get stronger and more flexible to help her knees during daily activities. Since the day she started she has had a smile on her face every morning, even though it’s early, and put in her best effort. Consistency in her exercise and dietary changes over the last few months has gotten her to where she’s at today! This wasn’t a crazy, intense program, but a manageable program of 1 personal training session and 2 classes per week, and small and consistent changes with her nutrition.

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The Beginning 12-7-15


Today 4-13-16

To date she has lost….

12.5 Pounds

8.75 Inches

2% Body Fat



Her knees now have better range of motion, she can reach back and grab her foot to stretch her legs, walk up the stairs one foot at a time, and get up and down off the floor with more ease. She feels stronger, more confident and surpassed not only her expectations but even the goals that we set for her! We are so proud to see her progress and can’t wait to see what the coming months bring. Read her story below and hopefully it will inspire you to do something healthy for yourself today!

I’d always HATED exercise and only rarely thought about nutrition. I had successfully avoided a plan for addressing my overall health for three years while I steadily grew heavier, decreased my balance, became more fatigued and less flexible and continued on my way toward what I assumed was acceptance of ” getting old”.

This past November I was lucky enough to learn about Full Circle  Fitness during a senior swim class ( a recent attempt at non threatening exercise) and decided to check it out. I met with Rosa, the trainer and owner of FCF, and for the first time in years, I felt hopeful about becoming healthy again. My previous pattern had been to spend more energy and time complaining about how awful I felt and detailing the reasons I could do nothing about my “situation ” and, based on past experience, why I ‘d feel uncomfortable and awkward going to gym.

Rosa helped me make a short term and long term plan for achieving goals. I’d been hoping for a quick, effortless fix and the thought of a consistent, conscious exercise routine combined with healthy eating was less appealing, but….I wanted to avoid total knee replacement on my left leg and, hopefully, increase the range on the right knee which I’d previously had replaced. My initial goal was to climb the stairs in my home by alternating legs instead of ascending the stairs one leg at a time and simultaneously pulling myself up by using the banister. ( I also wanted to get off the toilet without having to pull or push myself up to standing…not a pretty picture). I have successfully achieved both while losing weight and inches. ( I donated 10 + bags of clothing last month that are now too big). My long term goals include being able to tuck my shirt into my pants …and to feel comfortable in a healthy body.

I’m a procrastinator, so I exercise as early as possible ( 7:30 a.m. For personal training and two, 6a.m Classes with Rosa and Kim). I just want to get the exercise over with and usually promise myself I can go back to bed later ( which I never do.)  I recently realized after almost five months of consistently exercising and eating better that I actually miss exercising if I don’t go to the gym…I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth. Part of me still wants to eat snacks, relax, and avoid exercise, but the other part of me feels like a new person with endless possibilities. Thank you Rosa and Kim.

With every member we strive to promote small changes in exercise and nutrition that will eventually lead you to a new healthier lifestyle that you will maintain, not the quick and drastic changes that get you results, but aren’t manageable and eventually fall by the wayside. I want each person that walks into the studio to leave more confident, educated about their body, stronger, more flexible, moving better, and feeling accomplished! You only have one life to live, one body, so take one step today towards a better YOU!

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