What I learned…

I learned a ton when I finally went to see the Functional Medicine Doctor. I learned that my adrenal glands were in need of support since I was in a mild state of adrenal fatigue, that I should not only eliminate gluten, but also caffeine, soy and even dairy. She recommended that I read up on Amy Meyers MD and Dr Walter Crinnion’s book Clean, Green and Lean, then consider doing more blood work, including heavy metal testing and also testing for viruses. I started taking supplements to help support my adrenals, an antiviral supplement, fish oil, selenium and vitamin D3. All these changes seem to help and I started to feel a little better. That is, at least for a little while. Then came the stress of opening the studio and running a business and I believe that additional stress started to make me decline again. I didn’t continue with the Functional doctor because I had switched insurance and now had an HMO that did not cover her costs at all. I tried to do what I could on my own and vowed to educate myself and make some significant progress before I went back to see her again.

Moving forward….

I maintained my diet 99% of the time, even eventually cutting out refined sugar, and kept researching to see what else I could learn about Hashimoto’s. I eventually came across a doctor named Dr. Alan Christianson, based in Phoenix AZ. An employee had shared with me that she had been to see him for heavy metal poisoning a few years back and his specialty was a functional approach to addressing thyroid issues. I signed up for his emails, started following him on social media and he led me to others in the same field that were looking for more functional approaches to Hashimoto’s.

Flash forward to 2016 when I was watching a summit on Hashimoto’s and came across a women named Izabella Wentz. Over the last 5 years or so I’ve slowly found various resources online and her approach just resonated with me. I bought and read her first book, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause and kept finding myself nodding my head, yep that sounds like me. She has Hashimoto’s herself and suffered with more severe symptoms than I for over 10 years before a functional medicine doctor finally diagnosed her and started her on the right path to healing. She dove in and now says that she is in remission from Hashimoto’s and does not have many of the symptoms she once had and her blood work shows everything is within normal limits. By trade she is a pharmacist and even says that no drug helped her, proper testing, dietary changes and necessary supplementation were the keys to her success. I gleamed as much as I could from her book and tried to implement as many suggestions as possible.

Going forward….

In early 2017 I found out that Izabella Wentz was releasing a second book titled, Hashimoto’s Protocol: A 90 Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back. I was excited, someone had finally compiled all the information and laid out a well put together plan! I read 90% of the book and decided that I was tired of not feeling right, so I sat down and figured out what supplements I needed, planned out my meals to prep for the week and picked a day to start.

Let me first tell you what my symptoms were/are: feeling cold, fingers and toes going numb from coldness, fatigue, exhaustion, lack of good sleep, brain fog, digestion issues, food sensitivities, irritability (my poor husband got the worst) and dry skin. These symptoms started out so subtle that it took me awhile to even acknowledge them. Then after reading various articles I had a name for some, like brain fog. I didn’t know what that was, all I knew is that I couldn’t remember simple things, sentences were sometimes hard to form, I would forget simple cues when training clients, etc. Now at least I knew I wasn’t crazy and they called this brain fog. Slowly over the last 10 years each of these symptoms started to show themselves and the list just seemed like it was getting longer. These are the reasons why I wanted to find the root cause of my Hashimoto’s, I was tired of not feeling like myself!

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