The options with push ups are endless, so let’s give you just a few options.

Start with a push up using a counter top. Make sure it’s sturdy and bolted in place before you start. Move your feet back so that when you lower your chest towards the counter your hands are about chest level. Start with as many as you can do and work up to around 20 repetitions without resting. Once you’ve mastered that add in a 2nd or 3rd set until you’ve worked up the strength to complete around 60 repetitions. Remember from your heels to the crown of your head you should be in a straight line, abs and glutes tight to hold you in this position.

Now lets progress you to the floor on your knees. Remember the same posture applies, straight line from the knees to crown of head. Even though your arms are doing most of the work, the rest of the body needs to stay engaged to properly complete the exercise. Use the same guideline of 20 repetitions working yourself up to 3 sets.

Now that you’ve built up some good strength and endurance you’re moving up to your toes. Even more so now, you must make sure that the lower body and abdominals stay engaged to assist in the movement. Hands should be at chest level and try to go down as far as you can. Use this as your starting point and then keep working until you can lower yourself within an inch or 2″ or the floor. No matter how low you go make sure that the body stays in a beautiful straight line the whole time. Push ups take time to master and working up to 3 sets of 20 repetitions may take you some time, but with practice comes greater strength, so keep pushing forward.

If you want further instructions check out our youtube page for a short video with a few more tips.


Now for the great Chest Stretch!

It’s no mystery that most of us have a tight chest and front of the shoulders. Life, gravity, and poor posture create a tighten chest, which can then pull on the upper back muscles and create even worse posture, imbalances in the muscles, and potentially injuries. I would say that everyone of us could benefit from doing this stretch everyday, whether or not you’ve exercised. 

To do, find a wall or steady surface (pole, tree, etc). Stand facing your wall, place the palm of your left hand on the wall just below shoulder height and then turn to your right. You should be turning away from your left hand. This should create a pull in the left side of the chest, left front of the shoulder, and even down the left arm. Exactly where you feel you the stretch will be different for each person based on what muscles are tight on you. If you aren’t sure you’re doing it right come on in and ask us!

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