Summer is upon us and many of you will be traveling, have kids home from school, or will generally be off your normal routine. Here’s a couple of suggestions to keep you moving no matter where you are and guess what?? They can be as quick as 4 minutes to hours…… decide how much time you have and go from there!

Young at heart If you have younger kids or grand kids, this may be just the ticket and I guarantee you’ll laugh, have fun, bond with the kids and be getting in a workout. So many people tell me they want to keep up with their kids or grand kids. Well, you can, start by being as active as they are. Everyone starts somewhere so just keep moving and whatever you do don’t sit down and just watch, get up and have fun!

Go for a family bike ride, don’t set a limit just keep going

Take the kids to the park, play tag, hop scotch, jump rope, throw a frisbee/ball around, play handball

Take them to the pool, play tag, see who can tread water the longest, see who can swim laps the fastest, make everything a game!

Going to the beach?? Get down there and help build sandcastles, jump in the waves with them, or take smash ball or any ball and have fun. The sand makes everything harder!

Travel Workout –  Traveling this summer? You can do this workout anywhere and you don’t need equipment, just your body, a wall and a timer.

1 minute Wall Sit

50 Mountain climbers

40 Body weight squats

30 Plank hip drops

20 Lunges- each leg

10 Push ups with shoulder tap

That’s 1 round, go for 2 rounds, got time?? do 3 rounds. Time yourself and then try to beat it each time you do this!


My secret!! I take the dog for long walks, hikes, and to the beach. We play chase, toss the ball or frisbee and just have fun. If time permits, I’ll go until he’s tired!

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