If you haven’t meet her yet, please welcome Jessi Marcotte to our team! She brings with her some fantastic experience as a personal trainer, massage therapist, nutrition coach, and Reiki master.

Having personally worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years, she understands the pressure and stress this lifestyle can have on your body and mind. She has overcome her body’s imbalances such as auto immune deficiencies, allergies, and common colds to name a few, but she has reversed these symptoms through self-healing.  As a believer in Mind, Body, Spirit, Jessi applies all of these to live the most productive, happy, and well-balanced life possible.

Her educational background includes a Masters in Recreation Administration and a B.S. in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology from Long Beach State, California. She started personal training about 13 years ago and has been training clients ever since. Most recently she obtained her certification as a Functional Aging Specialist. In addition to being a personal trainer she is also certified as a Professional Meeting and Event Planner, Reiki Master, Aroma Touch Massage Therapist and Spiritual Intuitive and Advisor.

She has also been a doTERRA Oil Advocate for 3 years. Using essential oils in her daily life, for massage therapy, allergies, inflammation, fatigue and overall quality of health. She practices holistic health and self-healing properties and assist others to discover balance and connect to a life full of vitality, purpose and happiness. She will work together with you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals through customized plans. Her philosophy is a holistic approach using nutrition, activity, and body awareness to bring out the best in you. 

We are excited to have Jessi on board! With her additional skill sets we will be looking into adding a nutrition coaching program, sports therapy, and even specialized workshops. We’ve even tossed around the idea of a Full Circle Fitness retreat….anything is possible with the right team!

We will keep you posted on any new offerings as they develop. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we make changes to our small group sessions. If you haven’t tried one of her sessions yet, you’re missing out!

**First 5 people to respond will receive a free 25-minute personal training session with her!

Call (657) 231-6207 or email to claim yours today

**New members only

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