Check out our newest video’s on our very own channel!

Now there’s officially no reason you can’t workout at home or on the road, you have me on youtube to help walk you through some quick and effective workouts.

We have 3 different video’s using braided tubes ready for you to try out:

Core and Back- see below

Lower Body

Upper Body

As we all know you can’t make it to the studio everyday, so when you need a quick workout, check out one of our short video’s for idea’s. These workouts are not customized and are meant to provide guidance for when you can’t come see us. If something doesn’t feel right please ask and we can provide you with further assistance. If you need a band, we have them at the studio, so come on in and I’ll get you set up with the right one.

Visit our site to see our Lower Body and Upper Body video’s and a few others as well.


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