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Top Orange County Personal Training Studio

Are you unhappy with your gym experience?

Need to work out, but aren’t sure what you and your body really need?

Frustrated by the aches and pains you’re experiencing as your body ages?

Full Circle Fitness is the answer.

We offer one-on-one and small group training (not to exceed five people) – so you get individual assistance tailored to your fitness level and your personal goals. We’ll also greet you by name when you walk in the door of our friendly, clean and intimate facility.

We serve all age and ability levels, with a special emphasis on functional training for baby boomers. Owner Rosa Coletto is a functional aging and corrective exercise specialist, so Full Circle focuses on helping clients retain vitality, health, and wellness through disciplines including Pilates, strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

Our cutting-edge exercise strategies focus on keeping you active and moving in everyday life. Our aim is to help you get strong and stay strong.

Whether your goal is to improve balance, lose weight, increase energy or just feel better, Full Circle’s trainers are here to guide and encourage, and help you improve your overall health and wellness.

Experience our professional yet caring atmosphere, and find out how we can help you meet your fitness goals!

Full Circle Fitness workout team

“ Read our clients experiences ”

I am so pleased to have Rosa as my personal trainer. After experiencing a stroke last year I made the decision to start getting healthier. I had never exercised in my life and had certainly never worked with a personal trainer before. Five weeks in, I am feeling sore (a good sore) but I’m also really enjoying the process of increasing my strength and balance.
Rosa is extremely knowledgeable. Her expertise, patience and commitment to her clients is unwavering. She is helping me develop a healthier attitude towards my body and maintain my motivation to exercise. Best of all, Rosa has a great sense of humor and she makes me laugh as she pushes me to push myself. I am grateful I found her and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with her.

Paula Williams

5 years ago a dear friend recommended I look for a personal trainer to help me with my stress level. That is when I met Rosa and she changed my life!!! She has worked with me to achieve milestones I never thought possible! She cares deeply about my physical and mental health!

Full Circle Fitness is a fabulous gym and I look forward to my visits there twice a week!!
I am a senior citizen and feel better now than when I was in my 40’s!!!

Rickye Lamm

Full Circle Fitness is an amazing fitness and training center. Both Rosa and Kim are amazing Elite personal trainers. They make exercise fun while building strength, muscle and endurance. They train individuals with a smile and there is always laughter and friendship there. Rosa has taught me the correct way of exercising. She saw where my weaknesses and strengths were and developed a program just for my needs.

If you choose Full Circle Fitness as your training center, you have picked the best choice. It is so worth the money and effort. My training days are my favorite days of the week and something I so look forward to.

Diane Grange

Full Circle Fitness is a new gym with great personal trainers, new equipment, clean, and a very positive environment. The trainers focus on accomplishing your goals while creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Kim Valenzuela is an excellent, motivating personal trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable, very patient, loves her job as a trainer and cares about her clients.
Rosa Coletto, owner, is my Pilates instructor. She is very knowledgeable, motivating and an excellent trainer. She is very encouraging. I feel great after my sessions!!

Yvonne Vessell

Functional Aging Institute Certificaiont - Full Circle Fitness

US Registry of Exercise Professionals Certification - Full Circle Fitness

Fitness Connect Certification - Full Circle Fitness

ACE Certification
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